The GRB Rays (WI) and Northstar Baseball (MN) are excited to announce a partnership between the two clubs.  This partnership takes effect immediately for the fall of 2021.  In addition, GRB Academy has taken a minority equity position in the Northstar ownership group.

The Northstar Baseball Club will keep their name and branding, without change.

With the partnership, the families and players of Northstar will see some of the following additions:

  • Every high school player will receive a personalized recruiting profile
  • Every high school player will also receive a yearly recruiting video produced each spring prior to the start of the high school season in Minnesota
  • An enhanced online experienced with upgrades planned in the future for the website
  • Click and ship apparel store 365 days a year with Northstar branded clothing and hats, and uniform extras
  • Discounted player equipment, bats, and gloves through a special magazine produced and priced specifically for Northstar families
  • A Nike Team Sponsorship
  • A future Top Prospect Minnesota camp, similar in style to the current Top Prospect camps hosted by GRB in Wisconsin and Illinois
  • The partnership also gives access with Northstar selected players to the Cincinnati Reds Scout Team

“We are really excited for this partnership with Mike, Alec, and the Northstar program.  For me personally, it fit really well into a bigger picture of high end programs combining to benefit the players and families.  It is not our objective to continue to add programs or expand, but the thought of the pursuit of excellence by the Northstar staff fits in line with what we are trying to do.  Ultimately, we want to provide a great platform for players and families to get better at the game of baseball and have the necessary exposure needed for everyone to reach their goals and dreams inside the game,” said GRB founder Greg Reinhard.

Mike Kvasnicka, one of the partners of Northstar Baseball, “Our goals between our two programs align completely in wanting to advance the game, and helping to give guidance and assist our players in moving onto the next level.”

The other partner for Northstar, Alec Crawford, writes, “We want to continue to advance Northstar for the players in the state of Minnesota.  We believe this is a really big move to help give a bigger experience to our players and families.”

Northstar Baseball is located in Burnsville, MN, and is the home for advanced baseball in the state of Minnesota.  Since 2017, Northstar has produced 95 college commitments, with 30 of them being of the Division 1 level.  

The GRB Rays program has produced 312 college players since 2010, with over 125 going to the Division 1 level, along with 14 players having signed professional contracts.  It operates under the motto of “Baseball for the Serious Player”.  GRB has locations in Madison and Milwaukee, and recently has created GRB Illinois through a similar partnership with the Pro Player Canes.

“I am excited to look to the future of creating some joint teams for special national events between our four locations.  This will give us the ability to play on a super select national level.  It is something we have always aspired to do to show the country the talent level of baseball in the Midwest,” states Greg Reinhard.

For more information on either Northstar Baseball, the GRB Rays, or the partnership, please email Greg Reinhard at